Ideas to Support Business Alignment for ADHDer Business Owners

Hello fabulous sparkly ADHDer Business Owner!

There are many aspects of having ADHD that can affect our daily lives, and especially our business lives. Some are great strengths, and some aspects of being an ADHDer Business Owner can be challenging.

I've created a guide "Ideas to Support Business Alignment for ADHDer Business Owners" for people like you.

And to be honest, I created it for me too... I'm Adina, an Autistic ADHDer multi-business owner, Speech Therapist, and Professional Educator. So I GET it!

In this practical guide I share tried-and-tested solutions to common challenges that ADHDer Business Owners experience, like:
• Time Management
• Prioritisation and Overwhelm
• Consistency
• Financial Management
• Rejection Sensitivity

So grab your free copy now, and match your personal challenges with a few ideas that will support you to find your personal version of an aligned, supportive business journey!