Goal Setting Guide & Workbook
For Setting Wholistic, Affirming Goals for your Child’s Communication & Interaction Support

12 free pages of info, exercises, examples and templates, by Speech Therapist Adina Levy - Play. Learn. Chat.

This guide will help you get clear on what you'd like to focus on next, for your child's communication and interaction skills, in a way that honours their individual strengths and your family's needs.

This Goal Setting Guide & Workbook will be especially helpful if you have an austistic or neurodivergent child, or if you're on a pathway to possible diagnosis.

🧠 Learn about how to create goals for your child that are important and meaningful

✔️ Rate your child's skills and work out where you'd like to focus next

📖 See real-life examples of Goal Planners to inspire you and give you ideas for how to break goals down

😌 Create your own Goal Planner to note the small steps you'll take to build to big changes