Support your autistic child’s understanding and create smoother days for the whole family!

Created by me, neurodivergent Speech Therapist Adina Levy from Play. Learn. Chat.

Use this worksheet to plan simple visuals that you want to use with your child, to help your routines go smoother. Then you get to create your simple, easy visuals using the templates I share!

When your child understands what's happening and what you're communicating to them, everyone in your family can be more connected!

This visuals resource will be especially helpful if you have an autistic or neurodivergent child, or if you're on a pathway to possible diagnosis. However ALL children (and adults!) benefit from adding visual elements to your communication, so I encourage you to try creating & using simple visuals with any child!

🤔 Use the worksheet to guide your planning for what visuals to use and how you'll create and share them

🖼 Get access to Canva and Google Docs templates so you can create your very own visuals EASILY!

😌 The best visual supports are the ones that you use! So let's dig in and get creating - it can be so simple! Let me guide and support you on this journey.