Align your Business to your Life and your Neurodivergent Brain - Reflection Questions

Hi there, fabulous neurodivergent business human!

Are you juggling the quirks of your neurodivergent brain while striving to align your business with your life's passions?

I've created a reflection worksheet just for you! This gem is packed with thought-provoking questions, designed to tickle your brain.

These reflection questions will help you figure out how to make your business aligned with your unique brain, your strengths, your passions, and work WITH your support needs, not against them.

I've developed these questions from my own rollercoaster of experiences as a neurodivergent multi-business owner, speech therapist, supervisor and coach. I am confident that you, too will find these 8 questions useful to guide your next business steps and head towards an aligned future!

So grab your free copy now, print it out or get your notebook & markers out, and get reflecting to align your business with your fabulous brain, in the months ahead!